The Magician represents the unconscious power within that we all have yet we cannot see it. The Magician is aware of the powers he holds within himself and his ability to create alchemy. The power of his visualisation stays not only in his mind, but manifests and transforms.

The Magician must be aware of his powers, as what he visualises starts with thought. Positive thoughts will bring positive manifestations. Negative thoughts will bring negative consequences.

The Magician visualises his ideas and then takes all the tools and energy around him, to lay on his table so when he is ready to manifest, everything is at his fingertips. On his table lies the four emblems of the Minor Arcana: The Pentacle (earth), the Cup (water), the Sword (air) and the Wand (fire). The Magician offers you a choices through these emblems on this path that you are free to follow by choosing any one or all of these emblems and the qualities they endow. The Magician can offer you many ideas and choices but he takes no responsibility for your decisions and it is up to you to trust the trickster that he is. He might make you dream and have premonitions. It is The Magicians job to offer avenues but you must ultimately complete the work yourself.

The Magician has powers to work on the dark and light side of nature. Spiritual light and primordial darkness. White magic created by positivity and deeming for good presenting exciting possibilities. Black magic created by fear, suspicion, self doubt and mistrust. The Magician is skilled in geomancy (divination by earth), pyromancy (divination by fire), hydromancy (divination by water), and aeromancy (divination by air).

The Magician is the inner guide, spiritual teacher and the protector of The Fool. The Magician could be called be the male equal to the High Priestess card.

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