My long time friend, Salvadido Salvo is a French travel photographer who travelled to Madagascar in the 90’s and captured with his fine eye the feeling and beauty of the island of Madagascar. 
I feel very blessed that he has agreed to share his exquisite images with us in this three part series.

MADAGASCAR – PART ONE by Salvadido Salvo


“Le Menabe”, home of the Vezos, also known as sea nomads. They use their sails to camp on beaches during their fishing trips, using the winds “les alizées” to follow the coast from Tulear to Diego Suarez and back.

These photos were taken on the West Coast of Madagascar, Canal of Mozambique, facing Africa.

Inauguration and blessing of a new ’boutre’ (handmade wooden boat) before sending it out to sea.

The blessed baobab tree. In Madagascar they believe inside the tree there lives a chief. That is why they add  a symbol to the tree.

The Vezos say this tree grows in reverse. It shows the roots of our life but not the leaves as we walk through the long passage of life. It is only when we die we will see the leaves they say.

Vezos arrive to the shores from a day out fishing.

Village boys following us and our jeep as we leave the village.

The smallest endemic chameleon in the world.

Fisherman working in his day to day tasks, fishing and helping others cross the estuaries.

The “boutre”, literally is a boat done by hand, all in wood. The “Bretons”, people from Bretagne, France, teached to the Vezos how to build it. The Vezos still navigate using the stars to avoid reefs on the coast. They are now in high demand in Madagascar as it is known to be a very strong boat.

The lemure, an animal endemic only living in Madagascar.
People say that before the island separated from Africa, there was a war between the chimpanzees species and the lemure species. As they were less strong,  the lemure decided to follow the passage between Africa and Madagascar and became the only monkeys existing on the island.
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