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Jorge Hachumak, Shamanic Healer of Peru


A native of Lima, Peru Jorge Hachumak spent many years in Trujillo, a major centre of healing traditions in the north coast of Peru, in pre Inca times. Jorge also spent many years of his life dedicating himself to learning Amazonian healing traditions. His immersion in those traditions and his countless travels to ancient sites along the coast of Peru and the northern mountains are the foundation of the very powerful healing energies that he carries.
Jorge travels around the world these days giving one on one energy shamanic healings and leading workshops.
I had the honor of hosting Jorge this year on his first visit to Bali, Indonesia. I was so impressed with his healing abilities that I wanted to feature him in my website Dance with the Universe.

Q. Leslie: Hello Jorge, Could you please give us some information concerning humanity today and what you feel needs to happen generally to heal the planet at this present time?

A. Jorge: I would like to share a message I received a few years ago when I was asking the same question, and i got this communication one morning very early:
We live times of polarization, times when internal definition is asked between on one side selfish gratification an indulgence driven by fear and ambition, and on the other side compassion and care for the divine and common in ourselves and our environment.
In this panorama it is good to acknowledge the following five things that are happening :

1) The personal capacities of understanding and discriminating between egotistic indulgence and self-love from the soul perspective are enhanced and clearer than before for individuals.

2)The barriers and separation of pride and self-centrism that before were keeping apart people from different spiritual schools and disciplines are now disappearing or very softened and it is possible to relate, exchange and work together for a global higher understanding.

3)An enormous amount of children and new souls with beautiful and powerful gifts of wisdom, healing and communication are born to participate in the new generations.
4)Many people, adults, are experiencing a calling and devoting time and effort in getting involved in either a spiritual practice or in any form of social care.

5) Of all of the qualities from the Heart, Forgiveness is the one that is becoming stronger and more present. Letting go with love is easier than before. Forgivenesses other side is Courage, which then is also enhanced.
I believe that having our attention in these aspects will help us to keep a deepest reading of what is happening inside and outside of ourselves.

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