I love writing. I love people. I love music. I love cooking. I love dancing. I love traveling. I love emotions. I love writing poetry. I love writing songs. I love helping people. I love promoting people work because I love to share good things. I love spiritual delving. I love words of wisdom. I love nature. I love to heal. I love to massage. I love craniosacral healing. I love learning about bodies. I love chanting. I love meditating. I love being in the presence of a master. I love to surrender to God and the Cosmos. I love making a home look beautiful. I love animals. I love nature. I love being alive. I LOVE MY MAN, BOB.


I miss my life in Asia (my home for 33 years). I miss my family. I miss my grandchildren. I miss my friends.  I miss the freedom of Asia. I miss the food of Asia.


…how perfect this idea while I live in Los Angeles (with the love of my life) to create this weblog ‘Dance with the Universe’ where I can bring together all the people I know from all over the world into one place (besides you know that famous social media site). It’s like that Australian imitation alcohol  TV commercial from the 80’s, Clayton’s  ‘The drink you’re  having when you’re not having a drink” . Well mine is “the family and friends I’m having when I’m not having family and friends”. Ha ha.  So this website is in a sense some kind of solace for the me as I live with my beautiful man but away from my loved ones.

There is another side to my blogging which isn’t related to me connecting with family and friends. I want to share the amazing people I know with the world. I have so many world traveler friends who have truly impressed me, touched my heart, and wowed me by their talents. I want to showcase these people and show the world what they do, their vision, what they make and what they have have done with their creative powers. I LOVE TO SHARE!

Yet when I started the blog I had no idea of the time consuming efforts it does take to get a blog off the ground. It’s not as though I don’t have amazing content because I do.  Yet no matter what kind of content you have, you could have the best writers in the world, with the most amazing articles, including famous people or groundbreaking news yet your blog could just be sitting there as a unread book on your shelf does. Your blog isn’t worth shiza if you can’t get it off the ground. This is the challenge for all bloggers, getting your website heard, known, talked about and getting your subscriptions up in numbers.

I have made many attempts to contact famous bloggers, even offering them free tarot sessions to ‘please look at my blog’ . I have submitted articles to famous blog feeds eg. Ezine who support bloggers by feeding your articles to relevant sources. I have paid for various upgrades and plug ins.

Yet the most worthy and noble way to get known in the blogging world  is to  acquire genuine people that love your writings, appreciate what you do and say, those who become your loyal followers. Your followers are the kind that return again and again because they want to read your words and dig what you do and what you are into.

This is a relationship. Between you and me and what I do and what you think about what I do and how it affects your life.

As an impatient typical Leo Queen with Gemini rising,  with the website eonly open two weeks ago,  I must wait  for my followers to come.

I will take the noble path and keep writing and keep sharing what I love and the people I love and just keep loving! Bring it on!

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