Delicious Pomegranate Fruit Salad

With the Thanksgiving holidays coming up and pomegranates being in season, I thought this simple but delicious recipe may be a refreshing side dish or dessert.
This is a favorite salad of mine to serve during Thanksgiving or Christmas can also be served as a dessert with fresh whipped cream.
Full of antioxidants,refreshing to the pallet, it is an excellent side dish to go with any holiday season meal.
Donna is founder and owner of and makes the menu’s for her Yoga retreats worldwide.
~ 4 Organic Oranges
~ 1 pint of Organic Black berries
~ 1-2 Pomegranates
~ Bunch of mint
~ Juice of one Orange
Preparation :
~Peel Skin of Oranges with a knife take out any seeds and cut into wedges
~Squeeze the juice of 1-2 Tangy Oranges keep aside
~Wash one pint of Black berries
~Pomegranate seeds
~Break off leaves of  1/4 bunch of mint
~Toss all the  ingredients in a bowl with the Orange juice and refrigerate
~Burst of refreshing tang and full of antioxidants !!
~Serves 4.
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