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Got bored around 11:33pm. Walked into Edge Bar across from my apartment on 3rd Street, and sat at the bar. Within 5 minutes a woman approached me; “Oh wow. How unbelievable! I can’t believe it’s you!!! I just came across your business card today and me and my boyfriend were literally just talking about you!”. (Oh really? No shit. How unusual. Never heard that before. Who the fuck are you coz I could swear I’ve never seen you before in my life.)

“It’s AMAZING to see you! I don’t know if you remember me?” Oh, yeah! Right! (Actually. Fuck… Nope. Maybe. But not really so much. I got somethin’, but nuthin’ solid… Any hints??!!)

“You came up to me ‘randomly’ a few months back, you told me you could see my aura and that regardless of how awkward it was for us both, you said that you had to tell me something because the ‘message’ for you to do so was too overwhelming for you to ignore. You asked me if I’d told my father lately that I loved him, or if I’d hugged him at all of late, and if I hadn’t, or even if I had, that I really, really should as soon as possible”. At this point I got a vague flashback and recalled the night she was talking about, and the way she’d reacted with tears when I’d asked her that question about her father. And the thoughtful excitement/resistance of her reaction after I’d requested that she consider the message, that I ,– an unknown stranger – had apparently been placed there by the powers that be to pass on to her.

“I’ve got something to tell you!!! Oh my god I can’t believe I’m seeing you today of all days when I’d just come across your business card whilst cleaning my bedroom this morning!” I’m glued at this point. Like, wtf? It came rushing back to me that she’d told me that she’d never said ‘I love you’ to her dad because he was this gruff silent type who’d never seemed open to that kind of over affection. I recalled somewhere in the fuzz of the back of my brain that it was an intense conversation. I still didn’t recall specifics but I did remember the vibe of the exchange.

“At Christmas I was with my family and we’d been scrapping (great word!), as families tend to do at Christmas. Anyhow, I remembered your words. It was really intense but still I made my family all get in a circle and put our arms around each other, and I made them all repeat with me: “We love each other and as we hug there is no way that we can feel anything aside from love”.” Brilliant!

“We all embraced and I looked into my fathers’ eyes when I spoke those words and he came towards me and gave me a double squeeze on my shoulders which was the most expressive thing we’d shared in so long, since I was like, 10 years old. The whole gesture brought my family back together but that was really special and amazing. Thank you. I just wanted you to know what happened and say thank you for urging me to do it. It of changed the holiday and the way we’ve all dealt with each other ever since. You were so right. It’s never too late to say I love you”.

BRILLIANT! FUCKYEAH! Haha! What a great completion to a minuscule moment in my life that made all the difference to someone else’s. Stoked. I have to say that it’s not necessarily uncommon to hear those kinds of stories, but man, I’m always so, so glad to know that even though I know that I totally realize that I’m an intense being, (understatement! :-)), I’m here to do what I have to do. Know me, don’t know me, know myself, have no clue, be comfortable, be uncomfortable, I’m weighted, I’m weightless, I’m a fool, a judge, a physical soul. Tired, alive, Detest. Invest. .. Fuckyes.


Thank you Caroline for sharing from Dance with the Universe

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