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Life takes many unexpected turns and the future holds many surprises, as it has for me. Where to start this little story is the difficult part, but let me try. In a way it revolves around this song I wrote many years called “little man”.
I initially wrote this song which was inspired by an altercation I had with a little Chinese man, who tried to rip me off for a car I wanted to buy. He told me it was a later year model from what it turned out to be. After a heated discussion with his wife, where it was divulged that he was part of the Chinese triads here in Sydney. Well naturally my mucho Cuban heritage would not let me give in, and finally I got my deposit back, went home and wrote this song “little man”. Obviously I was not going to write a song about a man trying to rip me off on the car I was buying, so I transposed the thoughts to guns, war and teaching our children how to live together. Fast forward a few years and after much procrastination, I finally mastered and mixed this song and many more and released two CD’s.
Well as life has a habit of throwing you a curve ball every now and then. In 2004 I was diagnosed with MS, which finally left me in a wheelchair, where I am now, writing this little story. Anyway from being a very physical active man to being in a wheelchair, as you might imagine is quite a shock to the system. This whole experience left me wanting to hide myself away from the world in my room, in my self imposed seclusion.
On reflection I guess it was the time I needed to start to accept my present situation. I’m not saying that I am accepting that this is how I will be for ever, but right now this is how I am and this is my situation, and life is too beautiful to hide oneself away and not to live it to the fullest available. Besides which I have two amazing and beautiful women in my life, my partner and my daughter. And at the very least I owe them the best of myself.
Anyway I do you digress, so back to the point, the first ever photograph or video I showed of myself in a wheelchair was the video clip for my song, starring my daughter Allegra and her friends…”little man”. Enjoy.Alexander Leon’s music can be purchased through:


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