L. Patricia, how old were you when you started to paint?

I have been painting since I was a little girl.

L. At what point did you decide to take your art seriously and integrate it as part of your life?

I studied art in Rome and in Paris I studied art history. But really I decided to take my art seriously when people started to buy my art. A gallery also wanted me to make an exhibition. That was the beginning of this long experience.


L.Who were your greatest influences in your lifetime as an artist?

I believe my influence vary. Van Gogh was my first influence. Turner is an artist that I admire enormously. But in my life I’d been surrounded by artists that without realizing that they taught me alot.


 L. Do you paint from your own emotions or is it though visually feeling your subjects?

I really think that I paint with my emotions. I never know what I am going to paint when I am in front of my white canvas. I just let it go, and slowly I start seeing  all my feelings and experiences of the moment. For me to paint is a great meditation.

 L. Where have you been exhibiting your art recently?

My last exhibition was in Bogota Colombia in Lamazone Gallery. It was the first time that I exhibit in my country.
It was great because the subject was the Indians of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Kogis and the Aruhacos are the indigenous survivors of the Spanish colonization.


L. What is the greatest message you want to inspire others with through your art?

From my experience, my greatest message for others is to keep exploring and to be creative. Believe of what you have to say. Everyone has an incredible story to tell. Just trust yourself.
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