I was once called by an ex boyfriend affectionately ” Leslie the little grasshopper” . The grasshopper thing stuck for a long time as a nickname. And yet there was an actual reason for this. I would have preferred the name butterfly but I didn’t ever really flit gracefully from idea to idea and land gracefully onto a flower with an idea. I am a jumper and I actually spring from one thing I love to the next with such a forceful thrust. A long time friend caught me out on Facebook. She informed me ‘Leslie ! You start so many groups.  I can’t keep up! One day you are writing about your political views, the next day into you are into vegan recipe, the next day into tarot and astrology and the next day STARTING ANOTHER FACEBOOK GROUP.  I never know where your head is at from day to day.”

That’s what I mean about being a grasshopper. Hence the start of this website Dance with the Universe where I put everything I am passionate about into one page and everyone can find out what Iam doing ( that’s if you are interested. By the way, if you have come reading this far don’t you have anything better to do? ) The grasshopper is dancing with the universe or at least hopping all over it!

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