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I’m posting this because I am sick of the ‘BS’ that women get tangled up in.

Before any men think this is a man hate thing it is not. I happen to love men and am blessed enough to know many beautiful loving kind guys.

This is about the fucking ‘spiritual’ semi conscious assholes out there that claim to be awake and then bs to try and get in your pants.

I recently ‘met’ someone that claimed to be conscious. Healing his past wounds from ex girlfriends and wanting something conscious.

I don’t claim to be perfect. I have been in this path of awakening for over a decade and I am all about transparency, honesty and authenticity. If I open my heart and share my energy with someone then it’s not some little game.

We got very close. He was in another part of the world but we were making plans to see each other. Energetically we were very connected and I really felt I had a true soul connection.

After roughly 2 months of constant connection he decided to drop a message about his ‘partner’ and how she was allowing him to have other lovers.

Am I the stupid one? He told me he was single. He made a big thing of planning our meeting and being in constant connection. He lied to me right from the start.

Obviously as soon as he dropped that bomb. I reacted by telling him I want nothing else to do with him. He lied. He betrayed me. And worst of all he emotionally fucked with me.

Those of you that are getting your kicks from treating women this way this is what happens.

1. Women shut down. We are not toys.
2. Trust and respect is the most important thing in any relationship. You fuck with that you break everything.
3. I do not and will not compromise my values for your precious ego or wondering dick.
4. The decent guys out there end up wondering why women are so cold and unfriendly. It’s because of assholes like this.

Anyone can tell me anything. I have no problem with your sexual preference, your values, dreams, wounds, life. I treat people with respect and care. All I ask in return is honesty.

Is this another story of an empath and narcissist? Must be because I don’t know how anyone can be so cruel.

What did he think? That I was so needy and wounded that I would be completely hooked on him and say that was ok? If I had known he was with a partner I would have had nothing to do with him. I actually feel sorry for her.

I’m whistle blowing this because I happen to be in a space where I am a woman. Not a little girl who doesn’t love herself and is going to bump backwards and forwards with guys that treat you badly and then tell you they love you. That is toxic abuse.

Maybe I wanted to believe in a love story instead of the new age polyamourous crap that I keep seeing. Right from the start I told him I wasn’t into that.

Guys stop doing this. You know who you are. Stop projecting your unmet sexual and emotional needs on women and do the healing.

We need each other on a vibration that heals. You want conscious women then be conscious yourself.

And to all the guys out there that don’t play games. That have moved into your hearts and are wondering why women are so damaged? This is a perfect example.

I really support and respect other people’s paths. Isn’t it time we all grow up a little? Women are vulnerable as well as badass. I have strong boundaries around this shit so being fooled like this has thrown me.

I blocked this guy because I have no time for games. Soul connections and hearts are precious. Women and men deserve love and respect and that is all I am accepting.



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Thank you Abigail from Dance with the Universe

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