The Empress  is the third Trump card of the major Arcana. She represents creative power; fertility; being pregnant with life; the Earth Mother.

The Empress knows herself. She understands her position in the world and commands from a place of self-respect and wisdom. She understands that she is a powerful creator of her destiny. She exudes feminine energy and is proud to have her head held high as she gives birth to children, ideas and projects in a state of naturalness and grace.

The planet Venus rules this astral card. Love is who the Empress is and when one realizes self love, all that one can do is share this love of self with others in an expression of beingness. From this point, true creativity arises from being natural. All nature is creative and elegant, as the Empress carries the message in this card.

The highest creative potential for a woman is to give birth to a child and so the Empress is eternally pregnant with life in the form of a child or creative projects.

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