Tatiana Claproth is the designer and creator of Mojo Piece Jewelry which incorporates her love of vintage and her passion for crafting. Her one of a kind, re-purposed jewelries are made from unique vintage and antique findings, Indonesian stones, crystals and other handmade components.

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Leslie: Thank you so much Tatiana for your time for this interview! Where were you born and where do you live now?

Tatiana: I was born and spent my early years in the California Bay Area.I definitely got a heavy dose of that Northern California ‘tree hugging vibe’ where I first developed an appreciation for using the resources provided, recycling and embracing your own personal style.

Later I followed my family to Jakarta, Indonesia where we already had strong family ties. Nonetheless, it was a major adjustment, as the colorful chaos was unlike anything I had ever experienced or could have prepared myself for. However, these 20+ years later I still find myself here. Home.

Leslie: When did you start taking an interest in vintage jewelry and clothes?

Tatiana: I have had an interest in ‘vintage’ as long as I can remember. My childhood home was decorated with deco style furniture, up-cycled decor and other exotic odds and ends my parents had been given or collected over the years. Mom was always making clothes and we often shopped at Goodwill or flea markets. She taught me how take care of what you have and put together great outfits by mixing and matching accessories.

Leslie: Is there a era that you prefer the most to others?

Tatiana: Each era has a certain charm that I absolutely love. The unconventional freedom of the 1920s, sophistication and glamour of the 1930s, the innovative transformation of wartime fashion, and so on. For my personal wardrobe I tend to lean toward 1960s/1970s style because it just embodies my relaxed rock n roll mindset!

Leslie: You started out with selling vintage clothes, how did you get into making vintage jewelry?

Tatiana: I actually did not start out selling vintage clothes, that came later as a way to subsidize an artist’s income. Had been creating accessories and mixed media art for a long time, but actually started selling ”blues themed’ pieces to hand out at music gigs about 7 years ago. I called my jewelry Mojo Piece to compliment my husband’s band, Rama Satria & The Electric Mojos.

Leslie: Do you make everything yourself by hand?

Tatiana: All my pieces are not only one of a kind, but handmade by my own two hands. Some designs are quite intricate and others not so much, but each one is very special and completely unique.

Leslie: What is the best piece of jewelry you have ever made?

Tatiana: It is impossible for me to praise one piece more than the others. I definitely have my favorites but each piece is part of a personal story and represents emotions I have had to portray at a certain moment in time. My styles and designs vary considerably because they are in fact trying to depict these moods and feeling. I hope that this resonates with others and they will be inclined to buy and treasure my artworks, my mojo.

Leslie: Can you tell our readers which piece you like the best out of the one off items we sell and why?

Tatiana: I had so much fun designing and making the Romantic Floral Necklace. I just think it has such sweet character. I would not call myself a girly girl, but with this piece I definitely got to express my soft side.


8. More personally, your husband is a very well known and respected Indonesian Blues guitarist Rama Satria Claproth and you have a beautiful son together. What’s your family life like living in Jakarta, Indonesia? Do you sometimes tour with your husband?

Tatiana: Well life has definitely changed for us since we have welcomed our son, Zafiro Sinar,into the world! Before we lived a rock n roll lifestyle, whereas now there is a lot more to think about. In the past, I called myself the number one groupie and followed the band around wherever they went. Now I have a toddler attached at the hip and have to make sure the venues and schedules suit him first and foremost!

I am very grateful that my son has the opportunity to be exposed to creativity and quality music on a daily basis. Although he is a late talker, he already has a huge appreciation for music and is learning guitar on his own. His very limited vocabulary includes the words/names guitar, bass, blues, Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and King!
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Leslie: Thank you Tatiana! 


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