Interview with Bali’s Christina Iskandar – Founder of ‘Diva’ Women’s Lunch Fundraising Events

Leslie : How did you come up with a concept of Diva luncheons in Bali?

Christina: I started a girlfriends lunch 8 years ago at Biku, it was more just a gathering of like minded friends as expats connecting.

 Leslie: Did Diva lunches initially start as a fundraising event?

Christina: No they didn’t start off that way but they became that as we felt the need to give back

 Leslie: Can anyone come to a Diva luncheon?

Christina: Yes it is open to all DIVAS !!!!! So if you consider yourself a DIVA you may attend.

 Leslie: How often do the lunches occur?

Christina: They are now every 3 months in Bali and once a year in Qld, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin (TBA) & Adelaide (TBA)

Leslie: How do you get to be invited to a Diva event? 

Christina: We have a social page BALI DIVA COMMUNITY and we also do a public event page.

 Leslie: Why are Diva lunches known to be such fun?

Christina: I think it’s just such a great thing for the ladies to look forward to and we always have alot of fun.

Leslie: What qualifies a woman to become a Diva?

Christina: Strength, devotion, love and a huge heart.

 Leslie: Are all the lunches themed?

Christina: Not all but we decided colour themes look great in photos.

Christina and me and the girls at the Diva Pink Luncheon!

Leslie: What has been the best Diva lunch theme so far for you?

Christina: For me it was the Xmas Diva Lunch at Cocoon with over 180 attendees and our dear friend Marcus Page (RIP) as Santa.

Leslie: Are the charities you work with all from Indonesia?

Christina: Yes

 Leslie: Diva luncheons are happening in Australia now too. Is this correct?

Christina: Yes

Leslie: What has been the most gratifying outcome of the Diva luncheons for you?

Christina: I would say its seeing real ongoing change, really making a difference for example when we raised 90million for where founder Ibu Suryani was able to purchase medicines for the chained people. (Mental Health) we continue to support this cause.



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