I met Salvadido Salvo in the the 1990’s in Bali. He showed me back then this beautiful album of his photography on the island of Madagascar.

I asked him if he would so kindly share this album with us. He was hesitant as the quality of the photos are nowhere near the digital quality that he shoots today. But I eventually twisted his arm and I am very happy to share these with my friends.

We look forward to more travel photos from Salvadido Salvo in the future.

Arriving in Belo sur Mer. Each time a pirogue arrives, people jump in the ocean to help them to carry the boat and then have the first opportunity to buy the catch of the day.
family following the "Alizee", wind blowing from south to north and reverse, during the dry and rainy season. They fish with lines and stop on wild beaches to sleep, using their veil to protect them and sleep.
As the Menabe is very dry most of the year, fishermen and family also harvest salt to increase their power to buy the necessary to live in this hard climate.
The beautiful baobab trees of Madagascar.
As there is almost nothing in the bush, people make by hand their musical instruments.
Homemade musical instruments
Vezos boys playing war as do most boys do in the world, but these ones made their weapons by themselves.
This is the kind of meeting you can have in the bush. You walk for hours without meeting anybody and suddenly a young mother appears with her children.
In a local daily market, this man is cleaning rice before selling it.
The catch of fishes for the locals is more and more difficult as the Malgache government sold their territorial waters to Chinese and Japanese fishing companies with huge boats that take almost all the seafood in the waters.

Note from Salvadido Salvo – Photographer

salvadidoHi every reader.

I am a self made photographer and I began to travel as I was 17 in Africa with the used Nikon FA camera my father offered to me. I did my first editorial in a magazine that doesn’t exist anymore, Islands. The redaction decided to send me in Madagascar, Cuba and Jamaica as I was offering a new concept at this time: texts and photography, all in one pack.

I have been sent to Menabe, a region on the West Coast of Madagascar, where sea nomads are especially interesting. This is the first story I am going to offer you.

Then, I had some exhibitions and met my wife with whom we decided to go to Bali and try to make a living there. We were both very interested by fashion and by chance we met Leslie who became my first model, for Animale, Ocean Pacific and other creators. At that time, the island was invaded by expats whose plan was fashion. I was almost the only photographer on the island, so I had the chance to work for many people dreaming of a better standing of life and self introspection.

The boom of Cyber pushed me to come back to France to study numerical photography.

Since that time, I decided to make a living of it because I discovered that photography was the best anti depressor. I produced myself and I deciding to travel where my heart pushed me and stay as long as I could abroad, as far as possible from France.

With all images banks you can find on the internet, I have a living that allows me to produce my next photography travels.

I had some recognition from galleries in France, Switzerland and New-York where I have been living for 2 years.

Photography for me means curiosity, so I like better to make portraits, show how live the people I meet and, of course, landscapes.

I am very disappointed now about the majority of photographers who have chosen to take pictures of animals, insects, flowers and photoshopped landscapes just because they are afraid to shoot people and have problems with the rights of images.

Me, I never had such this problem, I always ask for permission and most of the time I get it. Also, this rule is in revolution because of the social medias, so now it is more soft.

As Leslie, when I first put my feet on the island of Bali, I fell in love with the inhabitants and the beauty of their religion and the way they entertain their unique culture. So, I live part of my time there and the other on the French Riviera, in Sanary, on the sea side that I need to feel well. Yes, I need to have a horizon in front of me, this is the best to think, dream and plan new trips.

I hope you will like what I am going to show you, from time to time…

Let’s Dance with The Universe!!!


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