The Tower is one of the most powerful imagery cards in the Major Arcana. A burning Tower with people jumping out of the flames. Most people look at the Tower and imagine there is a dreadful event about to happen but as with all things in life – perspective is important.

The Tower is about something falling apart. No matter how hard we try to hold something together some aspects of life are ending. Whether it be the millions cells in our body dying every minute or a relationship ending or a business facing ruin, it is our understanding or this event that will shape or break us.

The Tower is a challenging card and the easiest way to deal with this is to let go, create space and go with the flow. If you try to hold on or try to fix things while the Tower burns, you will be making things very difficult for yourself. Imagine if one tries to fix a house while it is burning. It would be number one, ludicrous and number two, putting yourself in danger.

As the Buddhists say a good life is determined by how well you let go of everything. And letting go is one of the most important lessons anyone could ever learn. So many times in life we must say goodbye, to our youth, our fantasies, our loved ones, our jobs, even our life at death. Letting go is a part of life.

So I see The Tower as not a card of destruction but a card that challenges you to be courageous enough to let go. This is the true meaning of THE TOWER. It is when we let go that we create space to start again. It is when we allow things to fall apart that we can start to pick up the pieces.

As the phoenix rises from the ashes, so can we time and time again if we allow ourselves to let go and transform.

Leslie Anne Franklin is a unique tarot reader that shares her wisdom and helps thousands of people through her accurate readings and insights. Leslie is available for readings via Skype or FaceTime. If you would like a reading with Leslie click here

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