Hey everybody.. I’m back!

You know I have always been a health freak.

I was always doing something everyday to stay fit and healthy.. running, yoga, gym practice, meditating.

Yet admittedly since I’ve been living in Los Angeles I started to slow down and not do as much for myself. I eat the larger portions in restaurants, I enjoy the fine wines, I exercise a little less and so after two years here and an ongoing court battle with family that happened to end just recently.. voila.. I get the worst flu I’ve ever had. I know that flu’s are something anyone can get but I do think my resistance was down because I gave up resisting what was unhealthy for me.

That’s the reason why I haven’t posted much! Yet I’m back! Andd I’m going to start to blog more and this time really get back to getting healthy again and ‘releasing’ (not ‘losing’.. more about who taught me to say that later) a few pounds.


I’ve started life coaching lessons too with my gorgeous cousin which really helps me to look deeper into myself and why I do things. Self hate and criticism is something I discover I have held for years inside me and it’s time to let go of that too…


So this little update today is just letting you know I’m back on the horse! Giddy-Up!


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