Interview with Tah Riq – Universal Creator


Tah Riq is a friend I met in Bali a few years back that has always impressed me with his clear focus and talent in motivational speaking and inspiring others. Tah Riq in this interview shares a little about his life and his tools on motivation. 


Leslie: Tah Riq,  Tell us a little about your background. Where you were born, your childhood and how you came to live in Bali and why?

Tah Riq: That is a huge question. I’ll give you the pivotal cliff notes. I was born in Amman Jordan in the Middle East, I

had a very happy childhood in the UK and in America up until the age of 10 followed by a much less happy,

even depressive early teen life in Jordan when we moved back. This was exacerbated by a painful culture

shock moving back to the UK as an adolescent. The jumping around from country to country meant I had a lot

of trouble fitting in and relating to the children around me. I then spent 10 years in the Uk going through higher

education, college, university. After graduating with a Masters in 3D Digital Animation I sold computers at PC

World fulltime while attempting to look for an animation job. I stayed stuck there selling computers and wearing

a uniform for a year and a half. During that time I discovered parkour through the videogame Assassin’s Creed

and began training. I then one day jumped off a Church roof with the vow that when I did I would quit my job

selling computers. I did. Then I worked as an animator and creative and got made redundant just before a

massive promotion and the same day I moved out of my house and ended up with no job and no place to live. I

then made the decision to leave the UK altogether, packed a pair of jeans, a few T shirts, a guitar, laptop and

$300 pocket money and got a one-way ticket to Bali.

Leslie: Have you always had a passion to motivate people? Who and what motivates you?

Tah Riq: I think I’m a teacher at heart. That’s what I’ve discovered. I enjoy sharing knowledge and things I’ve picked up

with other people. I never set out to motivate people, more so improve my own life experience and just began

to share what was working for me. Over the years people kept telling me that I inspired them and after a while

accepted that I was fortunate to have that effect on people.

I am motivated through observing the success of others. When friends of mine open a restaurant and it’s going

well I’m inspired. When athlete friends of mine redefine human limits, such as in the parkour world I’m inspired.

When I see people maintaining their youth and staying visibly young as the years pass by I’m inspired. When I

see this I celebrate it and it gives me license to dream bigger and widen my lens as to what is possible for me

to achieve.

Leslie:  You are currently giving talks in Bali on manifesting and rewriting your old program. This is a topic that interests me and many. What is the most important factor in manifesting ones dreams?

Tah Riq: Belief. In one word it’s belief. Practiced thoughts become one’s beliefs and one’s beliefs when practiced

enough become one’s truths and therefore their own personal reality which consolidates to form their

‘personality’. As alien as it may feel to begin with you must willfully ignore your present circumstances and what

you can see and focus your energy and vibration entirely on what you want to create and the feeling of already

having it. Everything around you is manifestation of vibrations of the past. The chair you sit on someone made

in the past. The clothes you are wearing have already been created in the past. We are living in continual

evidence of past manifestations. To create the future we must align our energy with that which there is yet no

evidence for. That’s a big one to wrap your mind around.

Leslie: I have always believed that in order to manifest something you have to give or allow the process the space

to manifest. For example, I used to fall in love continually with every guy I was slightly attracted to, then one

day I woke up and realized this was just me filling up an empty space and it wasn’t really love. I stayed single

for many years and I am sure creating this space led to me manifesting the man of my dreams (whom I am with

now and extremely happy). Do you think that creating space by awareness is part of the manifestation


Tah Riq: Absolutely. Creating space is in my world the same as allowing and trusting. Only unsure people try and rush

things. There is resistance in that and resistance is the opposite of flow. You can move quickly and efficiently

but never in a rush. Nature doesn’t rush and still gets everything done. For example, no one will attempt to rush

a pregnancy. No doctor tries to squeeze the baby out at 8 months because the suspense is just too much to

bear. There is a natural gestation process. Pregnancies take 9 months. Allowing is surrender. Allowing is


Leslie:  You talk a lot about quantum physics to manifest that which one wants. Can you explain how they relate to

each other?

Tah Riq: Sure. Your imagination is literally pregnant with new ideas and visions. When enough energy collects in this

metaphysical dimension, it condenses and begins to sink into physical experience. Think of your ideas being

like a transparent cloud or unseen gas. It’s there even though you can’t see it. As air grows denser, it rains,

turning into precipitation. As it grows even denser it becomes ice. That is a similar process that your ideas take

to become manifest in physical experience. The first creation is a metaphysical one. In fact there has to be

enough metaphysical energy before you even ‘get’ the idea. Ideas are not the starting point. The ‘idea’ stage, is

simply when the would-be creation has become dense enough in energy to enter the perceivable spectrum of

the human mind.

Leslie:  All thought precedes manifestation. How can one train their minds to manifest and erase underlying negative


Tah Riq: Never let a negative thought complete itself inside your mind. As a belief is nothing more than a practiced

thought, one would do well to reach for more good feeling thoughts more frequently and endeavor to live in that

good feeling for longer periods of time. You train your mind through practice. Practice good feeling thoughts.

Start simple. I feel good thinking about the restful sleep in my comfortable bed I will have later. I feel good

thinking about the cake I have waiting for me in my fridge. I feel good thinking that I’m always discovering new

things and amplifying the quality of my life one deliberate thought at a time. I’m feel good thinking that this

interview will provide value to those who may need it.

As you deliberately and more frequently and more intensely indulge in good feeling thoughts, the negative

charge begins to dissipate. When I’m feeling low, I often play audio clips of Abraham-Hicks. Somehow the way

the words are arranged make me feel better and think better. How you feel is key to what you manifest. What

‘if’ you manifest as we are always manifesting. It’s like a car that’s always going. We simply choose the

direction it gathers momentum in, through our thoughts and feelings about those thoughts.

Leslie:  Sometimes life points you in other directions to what you want to manifest. Is this destiny or can we control that too?

Tah Riq: The quickest way is not always the most obvious. You might think you are going off on a tangent or on a detour

yet the Universe could be providing you with the shortcut. I would always ask, “How does this direction make

me feel?” That is different than asking how practical it is or how much sense it makes or how good it looks on

the surface. Destiny or the Universe or whatever label you want to call it, simply serves you up more of the

things you give your thoughts, imagination and feelings to. It has untold orchestrative ability. Follow the trail of

good feeling thoughts. You’ll get to your goals much much faster. It doesn’t have to make sense. It has to feel


Leslie:  What are your future plans for your life? What is it that you personally want to manifest?

Tah Riq: I have no more future plans. I used to then I realised plans are too linear and manifestation and growth is not a

linear path. Now I aim to cultivate heightened awareness in each current moment, noticing things, over and

over again so as to recognize little universal nudges and opportunities that exist all around me. I do know

however that I want to have innovative and expansive businesses all over the world. I want to speak on more

international stages. I want to live in perpetual youth. I want to write books and travel and have abundance

across all earthly spheres of human experience. I want to manifest an ever unfolding, incredible now

experience and be happy and live both with passion and purpose, every waking day. That feels really good for

me to think about. I’ll let the Universe surprise me. I like surprises.

Leslie:  If you had only one lesson to teach the world, what would that be?

Tah Riq: Search for what makes you happy, what makes your soul come alive, as if your life depends on it,

because it does. I’ve done more good for others through feeling good first than I ever have by joining in

misery. Your voice is no less or more valid than mine. We all have a facet to add to the diamond. Your

internal guidance system knows this and leads you there through the thoughts that make you feel good.

All manner of cooperative components will come to your aid if you but follow your bliss.

Leslie:  Do you do personal coaching on manifestation? How can people contact you?

Tah Riq: Yes I do. I would be happy to help. You can reach me on @tah_riq on instagram, and Tah Riq on Facebook. Also we are doing an incredible transformational retreat

called NuHuman in Bali, where manifestation and holistic healing through all kinds of modalities feature,

in April and in June which can be found here:

package. Also please find me on this website Super Human Fitness

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