Leslie Anne Franklin (editor and creator of Dance with the Universe) is a world renowned inspirational tarot reader and has helped thousands through her amazingly accurate readings!

Leslie has a special gift to bring to the world and you will be touched by her genuine no-nonsense and down to earth manner. Leslie genuinely cares about her clientele and wants them to find truth and happiness.

Read her clients testimonials from all over the world here.

Tarot is an ancient science using symbolism to interpret past, present and future circumstances. It can be used as a tool to access hidden forces that could benefit a person. Leslie has the intuitive ability to tap into energies that might be unseen to the client.

Leslie inspires her clientele to make great breakthroughs.  She has given her clientele the confidence to push through with projects, has brought couples and families closer together, has assisted teenagers to find direction and meaning in their lives. Leslie understands the frailty and greatness of a human life and will help her clients to understand different realms and depths of their own being.

Leslie reads from clients from all walks of life from housewives to distinguished professionals, from teenagers to ninety year olds, from homeless people to the rich jetsetters.  Leslie understands that we are all human, each with a divine purpose to offer to the world, no matter who you are or what background you come from or what age you may be.